23 November 2012

Will of the Emperor HC down! Also, ToES normal!

The 3 day raid crusaders did it again! Will of the Emperor heroic has spawned their last Rage, Courage and Strength cause they are fucking dead! 

This fight is basically a ball ache from start to finish! You need to coordinate the soaking of Titan Sparks really well while keeping all the adds under control, and still finding the time to get some damage in on the two main bosses in order to kill it before the enrage timer. 

So ye, to kill this I (Pittapusay) "had" to log my Hunter alt (Artèmís) in order to make the fight a lot easier because of the control a hunter adds to the fight. The 1 minute cooldown on deterrence and the ability to trap, stun and slow so much makes hunters a clear choice to bring on this fight - even if they do not do a lot of damage!

Other than this little annoyance, we had 1 minute and 30 seconds till the enrage timer and the kill was very clean with consistent tries prior to the actual kill! Good job to all on the kill and FUCK Resurrection for getting MY TRINKET! Here is a screenshot of our achieved glory:

Oh and we cleared Terrace of Endless Spring last week! NOT EVEN HARD! Well, Sha of Fear turned out to be a tad annoying, nice end boss though; interesting fight! Also: FUCK LEI SHI AND ITS HIDE ABILITY!